April 5, 2017


Center for Remote Sensing | Board

Prof. Ketut Wikantika


Lissa Fajri, Ph.D


Dr. Asep Saepuloh

Vice Director for Research and Development

Dr. Deni Suwardhi

Vice Director for Community Services

Dr. Fenny M. Dwivany

Coordinator for Biogeography and Biodiversity Research Division

Dr. Agung Budi Harto

Coordinator for Disaster Research Division

Dr. rer. nat. Mutiara Rachmat Putri

Coordinator for Maritime Research Division

Dr. Soni Darmawan

Coordinator for Global Database Research Division

Dr. Riantini Virtriana

Coordinator for Land Use/Land Cover Change Research Division

Dr. Andri Hernandi

Coordinator for Cadastre Research Division