April 4, 2017

Vision and Mission


To be the center of innovation and development of remote sensing technology and application which contribute to the sustainable development.


  • To develop remote sensing system and technology that is appropriate with the need of Indonesian development.
  • To build networks and partnerships with existing institutions in Indonesia and abroad in developing remote sensing system and technology.
  • To contribute in geomatics industry by developing remote sensing system and technology.

Programs and Activities

  1. Research and development activities to identify and classify multilevel land-use and land-cover.
  2. Development of low-cost handheld spectroradiometer.
  3. Establishment of spectral library and crop calendar.
  4. Development of image processing software for academic and geomatics-industry purpose.
  5. Development of new methods and techniques in image processing.
  6. Implementation of remote sensing system and technology for national purposes.
  7. Participation in national and international scientific meetings/symposium.
  8. Collaboration research activities with domestic or international partners.
  9. Community empowering activities, involving society in the implementation of remote sensing.
  10. Supporting research-based post-graduate education activities in the field of remote sensing.
  11. Development of geospatial big data.
  12. Collaboration with national governments in utilizing remote sensing in support of the sustainable development.
  13. Training, workshops and continuing education program.
  14. Supporting the government in establishing remote sensing policies, especially for the long-term plans in the development of earth-observation systems (satellite, airborne and terrestrial-based).