April 5, 2017

Prof. Ketut Wikantika

Prof. Ketut Wikantika

Prof. Ketut Wikantika is a professor in environmental remote sensing in the Faculty of Earth Sciences and Technology, Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Indonesia. His research areas are geospatial approaches including application of remote sensing technology for demography, land use-land cover and its changes, biogeography and biodiversity as well as disaster. He is currently the head of Remote Sensing and GIS Research Division, ITB since 2012 and has also served as the director of Center for Remote Sensing (CRS-ITB) from 2005.

In the past, he also served in the Indonesian Society for Remote Sensing as secretary general (2003-2006) and general chairman (2006-2009). He has cooperated with numerous institutions such as Chiba University, Tottori University, Nagoya University, Kochi University, Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences, University of Oklahoma, Asian Institute of Technology, University of Salzburg, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and Pennsylvania State University. He is also a founder of ForMIND (Indonesian Young Researcher Forum) and ForMIND Insitute in 2013 and 2016, respectively.


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