April 5, 2017

Doctoral Students

Former Students

  1. Prima Rizky Mirelva: “Observing Low Rate Deformation at Sinabung Volcano Using Atmospheric Correction of D-InSAR Technique”
  2. Endarwin: “Modified Convective Stratiform Technique by Combination of Passive Microwave and Infrared Satellite Data to Estimate the Rainfall in Indonesia”
  3. Yudo Prasetyo: “Optimization of Analysis and Determination of Land Subsidence Estimated Using Light Permanent Scatterer Interferometric SAR (LPS-InSAR)
  4. Asep Yusup Saptari: “Support Practice Classification Model Based on Self Organizing Map in RUSLE Erosion Estimation Model”
  5. Chairuddin: “Satellite Image Extraction Model by Integrating Texture Analysis, Artificial Intelligence Neural Netwokr and Fuzzy Logic in Support of Food Security”
  6. Soni Darmawan: “Land Cover Classification Model Based on Spectral Characteristics and Decision Tree Using Multispectral Image”
  7. Yus Sholva: “Pixel Detection of Remote Sensing Satellite Data for Forecasting of Fishing Ground”