April 30, 2017

Arnadi Dhestaratri Murtiyoso

Arnadi Dhestaratri Murtiyoso, ST., M.Sc

Arnadi finished his Bachelor’s degree in Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering from Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia in 2011. He then continued his Master’s studies in the Department of Topographic Engineering, INSA Strasbourg (National Institute for Applied Sciences), France from which he graduated in 2016. Arnadi is currently a PhD student in the Photogrammetry and Geomatics Group of the ICube Laboratory UMR 7357 which is attached to INSA Strasbourg and the University of Strasbourg, France.

Since his Bachelor studies, he has been focusing his research in the use of geodetic and topographic techniques for the documentation and conservation of cultural heritage. Arnadi spent one year and a half as a research assistant in the Remote Sensing and GIS research group of the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) before leaving for Europe. Here he had the chance to work with several leading geomatic research laboratories in Europe: the 3D Optical Metrology (3DOM) of the FBK Trento (Italy), the Institut für Photogrammetrie (ifp) of the University of Stuttgart (Germany), and his current laboratory, Photogrammetry and Geomatics Group of the ICube Laboratory in Strasbourg, France. He is also a member of the CIPA Heritage Documentation, a joint organization of ISPRS and ICOMOS which promotes the use of geomatics for the documentation of cultural heritage.

Arnadi has worked on several themes of research, including close range photogrammetry, UAVs, oblique aerial imagery, laser scanning, and immersive point cloud visualization. His current research concerns photogrammetric quality control and the development of algorithms for point cloud processing, with the objective of the integration of geospatial data within Heritage Building Information Models (HBIM).